New Theme

Website updates come slow, but they happen all at once.

New Theme

Our website runs on WordPress (a content management system that makes life a little easier). One of it’s neat features is it allows for easy theme changes. The down side is there are not many “scouting” themes out there. I’m not much of a designer, but I can follow BSA Branding guidelines. The new look turned out a lot better than I thought it would, but feed back is always appreciated. Don’t hesitate to drop me an email with ideas, suggestions, or constructive criticisms to improve the site.

I also made the theme available to the public domain so that any scouting organization can make use of it. It will be an ongoing project that I’ve hosted on github.

New Domain

After months of waiting our old domain,, became available again so I snagged it. We still have (note the dash) and it will be redirected to the non-dashed version.

About the same time, became available, and because domains are cheap I picked that one up and redirected it too.

New Email

Along with new domains comes new emails. I’ve set up two email addresses for Internet wanderers to get in touch with us; and The idea behind them is to have them forward mail to whoever is fulfilling the role at the time. This is very easy to change and I’ll make documentation on how. For now webmaster forwards to me, and I’ll speak to the scoutmaster about forwarding to him. I don’t anticipate many emails coming in but it’s there if someone needs to reach us.

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